Roofing is the top of  your home, so it is necessary for it to be protected. If there is an issue with the roofing, it may lead to a mass of disastrous possibilities. The smallest hole may cause the largest problems. Taking care of a roof, whether it is asphalt shingles or metal roofing, must be installed methodically and sealed properly. There are two core jobs of a roof: moisture control, and ventilation.

When replacing a roof, start off by removing the shingles, old felt paper, and rotten sheathing (plywood or OSB). If the rotten sheathing is not replaced, the roof may sag, creating further problems, and the structural support of the roof dies. Water is always top priority. Make sure all water is routed in directions away from the home. Install proper gutter systems and down spouts to keep water away from the home.

Allowing your home to breathe is suffice to keep down the electric bill running your A/C and getting heat out from the house, because hot air rises. Vents need to be installed to keep air flow from the bottom to the top. Insulation does the rest of the job for you, which keeps your hot and cold air into your home throughout the seasons.

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