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A home's deck can be the most beautiful addition. When installing a deck, always consider the foundation, structural support, and finishes. If these three elements come together, the ending product will be astonishing!

Building a deck correctly is very important. Starting from the bottom, it must have proper footings, posts, beams, and connections. If the wrong material, hardware, nails, or screws are used, it may fall through. Make sure pressure treated material for any wood exposed to the weather or touching the ground is utilized. Galvanized Hardware, Nails, and Screws need to be used to ensure longevity and resist rust or corrosion. 

Deck finishes catch the eye and give that extra confidence in the workmanship of the deck. Squaring, staining, and trim offer nice touches to any build. Ever considered a composite deck? It is highly recommended. It keeps away from high maintenance, has a longer life span, and will not rot or splinter. Composite gives that exterior top-of-the-line quality without any of the hassle to deal with.

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